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Interested in joining the exterior cleaning industry with a company with an emphasis on technology, safety, efficiency, and outside of the box thinking? Then we have opportunities in the following areas:

  • Sales – with uncapped earning potential through a commission-based structure. A sales position with our company will put you in a position to generate recurring contracts with commercial, industrial, and residential-based buildings which can generate passive income for you while our pilots and technicians do the work! We strive for a positive, creative, and teamwork-based environment that fosters growth and limitless opportunities. You will be given all of the necessary tools to confidently sell our services to clients.

  • Qualified drone pilots – and people eager to learn about being a drone pilot are welcome to apply. You can learn and grow your skills in an extraordinarily niched service with a high rate of growth across multiple industries in the next 10 years. As a heavy-lifting drone pilot, you will receive on the job training, daily rate pay, profit sharing per job basis, flexible scheduling, opportunities for travel, and a skill set that can transition into other drone industries.

  • Technicians – assist the drone pilots throughout jobs by performing simple duties such as hose management, machine control, various power washing, rig maintenance and care, flexible scheduling, daily rate pay, profit sharing per job basis, opportunities for travel, and opportunities to grow into other roles.
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